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Title: Discourse of the form and concentration of surfactants to ensure the sustainability foam-emulsive products
Authors: Котляр, Олег Володимирович
Горальчук, Андрій Богданович
Грінченко, Ольга Олексіївна
Рябець, Ольга
Keywords: Cake
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: НУХТ
Citation: Kotlyar O. Discourse of the form and concentration of surfactants to ensure the sustainability foam-emulsive products / O. Kotlyar, A. Goralchuk, O. Grynchenko, O. Riabets // Ukrainian Food Journal. 2014. - V. 3. - N 3. - P. 361-371.
Abstract: Introduction. Development of dry mixes for making spumy and emulsion products are topical, because nowadays there is a tendency to minimize the time spent on the process of cooking, which is achieved by the use of semi finished products high degree of readiness. Materials and methods. Foaming ability was determined by the method of multiplicity of the foam, the stability of unstable foam- by the half-life method of foam, highly resistant foam - as a ratio of the height of the column of foam after exposure for 24 hours. Results. Was determined the influence of sunflower oil on the foaming ability and half-life foam of systems «sodium caseinate-oil». It was found that getting systems with high index of foaming capacity and foam stability in the presence of oil in the system is impossible without the use of low molecular weight surfactants. Substantiated recommendations regarding the feasibility of using two surfactants in systems «sodium caseinate-surfactants-oil», which provide the necessary kinship surfaces air, fat and water phases. it has been found that the use of 2,5...3,5% mono-and diglycerides of fatty acid sand Lecithin’s 0.15...0.25% in the content of sodium caseinate about 0.5% allows to receive the stable foam-emulsive systems containing sunflower oil 7...8% and foaming ability about 640±1%. Conclusions. It is established that for ensuring high indicators foaming capacity and stability of foam-emulsive systems required the use of low-molecular surfactants. The research results, is recommended to use when developing technology of foam-emulsive products.
ISSN: ISSN 2304-974X
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