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Title: Competitive advantages: theoretical and applied aspects. Collective monograph
Authors: Chorna, M.V.
Androsova, T.V.
Kushnir, T.B.
Smolnyakova, N.N.
Bezginova, L.I.
Mikhailova, O.V.
Gaidar, N.S.
Volosov, A.M.
Diadin, A.S.
Vivdenko, M.
Keywords: competitive advantages theory
retail trade
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Agenda Publishing House, Coventry, United Kingdom
Citation: Chorna M.V. Competitive advantages: theoretical and applied aspects: M.V. Chorna, T.V. Androsova, T.B. Kushnir, N.N. Smolnyakova etc.; Under the scientific editorship of the prof. Chorna M.V.: Collective monograph. - Agenda Publishing House, Coventry, United Kingdom, 2018. - 148 p.
Abstract: The monograph is devoted to the development of the competitive advantages theory. The evolution of the competitive advantages theory was investigated. Peculiarities and modern evidence of competition in retail trade of Ukraine were determined.Modern peculiarities of the external environment of retail trade enterprises and investment and innovation climate as a factor of the formation and development of competitive advantages of retail trade of Ukraine were investigated. Peculiarities of the entrepreneurial activity in retail trade was determined. Methodical support for the estimation of efficiency of adaptive management system of retail trade enterprises was suggested. Management of capital formation in the context of ensuring competitive advantages of retail trade enterprises was considered.
ISBN: 978-0-9955865-5-0
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