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Title: Coursework from the discipline «International Management». Methodological recommendations for students full-time and part-time study specialty 292 "International Economic Relations"
Other Titles: Курсова робота з дисципліни «Міжнародний менеджмент». Методичні рекомендації
Authors: Kot, O.V.
Kozub, V.O.
Chernishova, L.O.
Tishenko, O.O.
Keywords: course work
international management
personnel management
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Харків: ХДУХТ
Citation: Курсова робота з дисципліни «Міжнародний менеджмент»: методичні рекомендації для студентів денної форми навчання спеціальності 292 «Міжнародні економічні відносини» / уклад.: О.В. Кот, В.О. Козуб, Л.О. Чернишова, О.О. Тищенко; Харківський держ. ун-т харчування та торгівлі. – Харків: ХДУХТ, 2018. – 42 с.
Abstract: Implementation of the course work is an integral part of the educational process and combines the disciplines of professional training: "International Competitiveness Management of the Enterprise", "International Strategies for Economic Development", "Global Economy", "Trade Policy and Commercial Diplomacy", "European Business". The course work aims to provide students with the skills of conducting scientific research, develop their skills in creative independent work, mastering general scientific and special methods of modern scientific research, indepth study of any issue, and the subjects of study disciplines. In accordance with the Regulation on the organization of the educational process in higher educational institutions of Ukraine, course work is carried out in order to consolidate, deepen and generalize the knowledge gained by students during the study and their application to the integrated solution of a specific professional task.
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