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Title: Determination of Ascorbic Acid Amount in Gelatin Aqueous Solutions by Galvanostatic Coulometry Using Electrogenerated Bromine
Authors: Євлаш, Вікторія Владленівна
Губський, Сергій Михайлович
Аксьонова, Олена Федорівна
Борисова, Аліна Олексіївна
Железняк, Зінаїда Валеріївна
Keywords: ascorbic acid, gelatin aqueous solution, galvanostatic coulometry, jelly, electrogenerated bromine
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Evlash V., Gubsky S., Aksenova E., Borisova A., Z. Z. (2016). DETERMINATION OF ASCORBIC ACID AMOUNT IN GELATIN AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS BY GALVANOSTATIC COULOMETRY USING ELECTROGENERATED BROMINE. Industrial Technology and Engineering, 18(1), 22–31.
Abstract: The content of ascorbic acid in 0.1-3% aqueous solution of gelatin is determined by galvanostatic coulometry. The value of the concentration of ascorbic acid in the obtained solution is 2-8% lower compared with the entered values. The difference grows with the increasing concentration of gelatin. The proposed operation sequence in the sample preparation procedure allows getting reproducible results. Based on non-linear multiple regression suggested empirical approach to assessing the content of ascorbic of acids in aqueous solutions of gelatin. This is the basis for quantitative determination of ascorbic acid in jelly products from the rest of the food matrix
ISSN: 2223-3911
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