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Title: International organizations. Textbook in structural and logical schemes
Authors: Ushakova, Nataliia
Hrynko, Pavlo
Ушакова, Наталія Григорівна
Гринько, Павло Леонідович
Keywords: economic bases
international organizations
international economic cooperation
international monetary relation
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Kharkiv: KSUFTT
Citation: Ushakova N. International organizations: textbook in structural and logical schemes / N. Ushakova, P. Hrynko. – Kharkiv: KSUFTT, 2021. – 102 p.
Abstract: The manual contains training materials on economic bases and mechanisms of functioning of the system of international organizations, understanding of tasks, organizational structure, powers, legal norms and rules of activity of international organizations; study of historical conditions, reasons for creation, geographical scope of international organizations, as well as the range of problems they solve. The manual describes international cities and governmental and non-governmental economic organizations, explores the role of the UN in international economic cooperation, considers with system of international organizations related to the organization and regulation of international trade and international monetary relations, as well as the participation and features of Ukraine's activities in international organizations The manual "International Organizations" is intended for foreign students studying in the field of "International Economics".
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