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Title: The competitive capacity of trade enterprises
Authors: Чміль, Ганна Леонідівна
Chmil, Hanna
Keywords: business industry
competitive capacity
economic stability
trade enterprises
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Poznan, Poland: WSPiA Publishing
Citation: Chmil Н.L. The competitive capacity of trade enterprises / Н.L. Chmil // International Scientific-Practical Conference Innovation Management in Marketing: Modern Trends and Strategic Imperatives: Conference Proceedings, April 12-13th, 2018. - Poznan, Poland: WSPiA Publishing. - P. 60-61.
Abstract: The realities of the modern business industry demand the enhancement of the competitive capacity of trade enterprises and ensuring the economic stability of their development. For the first time, M. Porter distinguished the ability of an enterprise to derive profit under market relations through development of an competitive product, having defined the competitive capacity of an enterprise as a competitive ability to carry out activities and to gain profits at this, being enough for scientific and technological improvement of manufacturing, employee promotion and maintenance of their work at the high level of quality.
ISBN: 978-83-60038-63-5
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