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Title: Lecture notes on philosophy or foreign students. Навчальний посібник.
Authors: Борисова, Аліна Олексіївна
Арделян, Марина Володимирівна
Муравйова, Олена Миколаївна
Саватєєва, Любов Василівна
Keywords: philosophy
іноземні студенти
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Харків: ХДУХТ
Citation: Lecture notes on philosophy or foreign students: навч. посіб. для іноземних студентів з англійською формою навчання / уклад.: А.О. Борисова, М.В. Арделян, О.М. Муравйова, Л.В. Саватєєва; Харк. держ. ун-т харч. та торгівлі, 2015.- 231с.- Англ.
Abstract: Our lectures are meant to help students understand what philosophy looks like. This guide doesn’t pretend to describe everything about philosophy. It provides perspectives about what philosophy is about. This work contains basic ideas that everyone interested in philosophy should consider. Our understanding of philosophy is one partly moral. Philosophy tells us how we should argue and how we can be free to think for ourselves to improve our lives. This entire work is indebted to our philosophical education. Several arguments are presented throughout this guide. We may not agree with all of the arguments presented, and students should also feel free to question them. What is important is to have examples of potentially persuasive arguments for us to consider on our own. It should also be noted that some of the arguments are also presented to have the opposite effect and help us understand what bad arguments look like. Our lectures may not make you a philosopher. But they provide you with everything you need to become one. A covert purpose of our classes is to bring philosophy to you, even more importantly to bring you to philosophy.
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